Enlistment Office

Enlistment Office

The Enlistment Office is a Final Hope outpost established in your Settlement. It helps you enlist survivors to replace troops lost in battle. You can obtain Duty points by completing various tasks. Duty can then be redeemed for troops at the Enlistment Office.


When he number of troops wounded in bottle exceeds your Hospital Capacity, the Enrollment Office will help recruit survivors to replenish your forces. 

Duty will automatically accrue in the Enrollment Office whenever troops can be enlisted. Duty can then be used to enlist Troops.

Duty will no longer be accrued when Duty limit is reached.

Duty rate is affected by a number of factors. The more Wounded you have in your Hospital, and the more Duty you have, the slower the rate at which you will accrue Duty. The more troops you can enlist, the faster the Duty rate will be.

When there are troops to be enlisted, claiming Daily Reward Crates, and Collecting and Gathering resources will obtain Duty directly. The higher the HQ level, the more Duty can be obtained directly through daily activity.

How to use the Enlistment Office

When defending attacks from other players, you will have troops that are LOSSES, WOUNDED, LIGHTLY WOUNDED, and SURVIVED. The troops that fall into each category after an attack can be viewed on your battle report. Let’s look at each category (in reverse order).

Survived: These are troops that did not suffer any damage in battle and can be used immediately for another attack or defense.

Lightly Wounded: These troops suffered light wounds in battle, but they do not require healing in the hospital. Think of them as troops that are able to heal on their own and don’t require your help as chief. Like Survived troops, they can be deployed immediately for another march or used as defense.

Wounded: These troops will immediately appear in your hospital. Before you can use them again, you’ll need to heal them via the hospital. Healing troops takes both time and resources. You will be able to regain your lost battle power by healing the troops wounded in battle.

Losses: Once your hospital is full, troops that would normally be sent there will be counted as Losses instead. LOSSES ARE PERMANENT. However, this is where the Enlistment Office becomes useful. When you start to have troop losses (while defending attacks), a percentage of lost troops will go to your Enlistment Office and can be regained using Duty. This percentage varies from 30% – 60% depending on the type of defense (settlement, tower, capital, etc.). You will regain Duty over time, so you will be able to enlist all the troops in the Enlistment Office eventually.

Duty: You gain Duty over time just by doing actions in the game. You can also purchase Duty with biocaps (1,000 biocaps for 1 Duty in the biocap store), but it’s a pretty hefty exchange rate. Since you’ll accrue enough Duty over time to enlist all your troops being held in the enlistment office, it’s best to just wait for Duty to accrue naturally.

NOTE: Troop losses will only convert to enlistable troops WHEN YOU ARE DEFENDING. If you are attacking a settlement, some troops may automatically become Losses regardless of whether or not your hospital is full. If your main concern is preserving your troops, avoid attacking settlements as this can lead to heavy losses (especially if the number of defending troops is high).

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