Advanced Tips and Life Hacks

These tips are not so much hacks as quality of life tricks for advanced players. Follow these tricks to gain an edge over you competition. 

Tip 1: Lose Infected Fiend Rallies

Yes, you read that correctly. The first tip is to intentionally lose rallies against Infected Fiends. But there’s a part 2: only to complete “Rally Infected Fiend” event tasks. When you come across these event tasks, you can start a rally against an Infected Fiend with the goal of losing. To guarantee you’ll lose, send only 1 troop (and instruct your alliance to join your rally with only 1 troop each). You’ll lose the rally against the Infected Fiend, but your stamina will be refunded to you after the loss. Even though you lost, the rally will count towards the event. Repeat as many times as you need to complete all tasks.

Note: this trick only works for events to “Rally Infected Fiends,” not “Infected Elimination” events.

Tip 2: Heal Your Troops in Batches

When you’re faced with hours or days of healing to recover your wounded troops from the hospital, do not heal them all at once and waste your healing speedups. You’ll want to save your healing speedups for Reservoir Raid since you can’t get alliance timer helps when healing in that event. Advanced players heal their troops in batches so they can quickly recover troops with alliance timer helps. This batch healing trick can shave hours and days off your troop healing without wasting healing speedups.

Tip 3: Fake Rally Opponents

If your alliance is at war with another alliance, or if just a few of you are raiding other settlements for resources, be sure to start a fake rallies in addition to your actual rally. This works to throw off the other alliance on which settlement you are actually attacking as they won’t know where to send reinforcements. To do this, coordinate with your alliance on which settlement is your actual target, and, in addition to starting a rally on that settlement, start a few more on other settlements. Your alliance should only join the real rally and let the fake rallies expire unfilled. The other alliance won’t be able to see which rally is being filled and will be forced to guess which settlement they should reinforce. If you do this right, you can get the other alliance to reinforce the wrong settlement leaving your actual target open to an easy victory.

Tip 4: Rally to Hide Troops

This is a niche trick that only works in some situations, but it’s good to keep this in your back pocket to pull out during the right occasion. If you’re the target of a scout and you want the person scouting you to think you have fewer troops than you actually do, start rallies on nearby targets sending as many troops as you want to hide. For example, if you have 400,000 troops but you want the person scouting to think you have 100,000 troops, start 3 rallies with 100,000 troops each. Your opponent won’t be able to tell you are trying to hide some troops (they’d be able to see if you sent your troops out to to camp or farm). This could be a good trap for overzealous players who want to attack you for kills or resources. Just make sure you cancel your rallies before the incoming attack arrives.

Tip 5: Set up a Farm Settlement

State of Survival allows you to have 2 settlements in each state, and you should take advantage of this by setting up a 2nd settlement in your state. This farm settlement doesn’t need to be managed as actively as your main settlement, but you should keep up with upgrades casually so it can grow and collect resources. When your main settlement reaches a point where you’re unable to progress because you’re low on resources, you can open resources in your farm settlement and attack it with your main settlement to transfer the resources. Just be sure to remove your troops from your farm otherwise you’ll have to deal with healing them.

Tip 6: Don’t upgrade all your buildings to level 30

This might sound crazy, but as you reach the point where most of your settlement buildings are at level 30, you’ll want to keep at least 1 building at level 29. This could be a farm or other resource production building, just as long as you never upgrade it to its maximum level 30. This is so you can continue participating in events with construction speed up tasks. When one of these events is live, start the upgrade on your level 29 building, and use some construction speed ups on it to collect event points. But don’t use too many speed ups where the building completes the upgrade. You’ll want to cancel the upgrade before it gets to 30 (returning the resources to your inventory and keeping the building at level 29). That way you can continue to upgrade and cancel the building to get points in future events.

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