Casual Player Guide

State of Survival has a lot to offer all types of players, from aggressive, hardcore gamers, to just casual players. If you are a casual player, be sure to consider the following tips to keep progressing in the game to get the most out of it.

1. Join an Alliance

State of Survival is much more fun when you play as part of an alliance. Not only do you get the benefits of your alliance helping you, there are many events that you can only participate in as part of an alliance. As a casual player, be sure to join an alliance with other likeminded casual players. 

2. Collect Daily Rewards

Every new day in State of Survival (UTC 0) you can collect rewards simply by logging in. These rewards can be found on the various screens where you purchase bundles, but you don’t need to spend anything to collect the rewards. Simply log in, and look for any notifications on the bundle screen that indicates free reward crates.

3. Build Constantly

Ensure that you’re always building something, anything. Whether you have 1 or 2 build queues, you should always be actively building. As a casual player, you don’t need to plan your constructions around when you are able to log in to the game–just be sure that whenever you log in, you check to make sure a construction is still active. If it isn’t, construct a new building or upgrade an existing one. 

4. Train All 3 Types of Troops

The 3 types of troops each have their own advantages and uses. You should always have the 3 training centers active and training troops. The only time a building isn’t training troops should be when you’re upgrading it. Otherwise, every time you log in, add new troops to train in each building.

5. Research

Just like with building construction and troop training, you should always have something researching. As a casual player, it’s best to focus your research on the Development and Economic trees and ignore the Battle tree. In general, the Battle tree should be ignored by most players except the most aggressive players or players in the late stages of the game.

6. Use Your Free Hero Searches

You get free Advanced Searches and Epic Searches that you can use to locate heroes and fragments. Your Advanced Searches refresh every new day (UTC 0). Epic Searches take longer to reset, and the amount of time depends on your Hero Precinct level. Whenever you have them, be sure to use them so you don’t let them go to waste.

7. Spend Your Stamina

Your stamina refills over time up to a maximum of 200. It’s best to spend your stamina while you have it, especially if you won’t be back on the game anytime soon. Spending your stamina allows you to collect supplies and rewards for killing the infected, and you’ll have more stamina by the time you are able to get back on the game again. Don’t be afraid to use it since there’s no benefit to saving it.


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