Top 6 Newbie Mistakes to Avoid

State of Survival is a huge multiplayer online game not only packed with millions of players, but also an incredibly vast amount of things to learn and do. Both new players and veteran players to the mobile gaming platform can take missteps that will hurt their settlement’s growth down the line. Be sure to avoid some of these common newbie mistakes to set yourself up for success.

Mistake 1 – Going it alone

Players who try to survive alone in the zombie apocalypse, die alone. Some players choose to play the game solo, which is a major mistake. Joining an alliance gives an abundance of perks that helps players to grow. Everything from speeding up construction, research, and troop training time, to banding together as an alliance to participate in events, to protection from attacks from other players. Most importantly, State of Survival is a social game. Players who choose to go it alone are missing out on one of the most fun parts of the game.

Mistake 2 – Opening backpack resources

State of Survival gives players rewards for nearly everything they do. These rewards are usually sent to the backpack. A big mistake players make is immediately using these resource rewards as soon as they earn them. This is a bad idea since any resources in the backpack cannot be plundered by other players who attack you. Keeping resources rewards in your backpack is the safest way to protect your resources from other players. Instead, wait until you absolutely need the resources to use the rewards from your backpack–and only use enough rewards that you need. 

Mistake 3 – Attacking other settlements

State of Survival is a war game, so attacking other settlements and being attacked should be expected. But a mistake many new players make is attacking other settlements without thinking about it. This usually happens in two scenarios.

1) A player logs on and sees they have been attacked by another player and lost the battle. They immediately retaliate with an attack of their own. Chances are, if the player lost defending their settlement against the attacker, they’ll also lose their retaliation attack. This would result in wounded and dead troops. 

2) A player sees another settlement of lower level, and they send an attack. The player has no idea how many troops (or reinforcements) might be in the settlement. Additionally, the defending player is always at an advantage, and the attacking player is likely to lose troops

Regardless of the reason players attack other settlements, there are a few guidelines to consider before making an attack:

  • Have you scouted the settlement? If so, what’s the troop count and troop tier?
  • Does the player have any resources to plunder? If not, what do you get from attacking?
  • Are you prepared to lose troops? Attacking players can lose troops even if they have an empty hospital

Mistake 4 – Focusing on battle power

While a player’s battle power is a sign of their strength in the game, some players focus too much on increasing their battle power. This is a mistake. Focusing on increasing battle power for the sake of having a high battle power can put you at a disadvantage to other players in the game. Instead, focus on goals that will help you grow and help your alliance: increasing the size of your army, upgrading your headquarters and troop tiers, improving your troops’ stats, etc.

There are many areas in the game where you can increase battle power without gaining much in-game benefit. For example, at the time of writing, there are some research options that use millions in resources and multiple days of time to complete that increase battle power, but provide no other tangible benefit (see below: trading between players is a feature not yet available for State of Survival). So be smart when making choices–think of what you need to grow before thinking about how much your battle power will grow.

Mistake 5 – Not keeping active

The Infected are always after you, so you need to be active to take care of them! To keep growing in the game, it’s important to be active. Regardless of whether you’re a casual player or hardcore gamer, you’ll want to maximize your activity in the game whenever you’re logged in. This means you should always be constructing buildings, training troops, researching technology, gathering resources, etc. A mistake many players make is letting one or more of these areas become inactive.

Mistake 6 – Not hiding chief gear

New players often don’t hide their chief gear. This is a big mistake as it allows other players to view the gear and better understand what stats the player has prior to attacking. Even if a recon jammer is deployed, exposed chief gear will still allow other players to get some information about the strength of the player. 

To hide your chief gear from other players, first go to your game settings. From this screen, you can toggle “enable other chiefs to view your equipment” to off.

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