Infected Cleanup

Hit Point Targets for great rewards!

Infected Cleanup is a 2 day event where players get points for killing Infected and Infected Fiends. There’s no real trick to this event since you only get points for killing the infected (and not just starting a rally on a fiend). However, there are some simple strategies that can help you score higher in this event.

How to earn points

    • Rally level 1-30 Infected Fiend: 3 points
    • Kill level 1-30 Infected: 1 point
    • Kill level 1-30 Infected via intel: 1 point

Rally Infected Fiends to maximize your points. It takes 25 stamina to rally a Fiend and 10 stamina to kill an Infected. Since you get 3 points for a Fiend and 1 point for an Infected, it’s a more efficient use of your stamina to collect points via rallies instead of solo attacks on Infected. The level of the Fiend doesn’t matter since they all give you the same amount of points; however, you’ll probably want to rally the highest level you can defeat so you can earn better victory loot rewards.

Use Travis to lower stamina cost. Travis is the best hero choice to use when attacking Infected or rallying Fiends. By using Travis to lead marches, you can lower the stamina cost to attack Infected from 10 to 8, and from 25 to 20 to rally Fiends. Since stamina is expensive to refill with biocaps, each savings matters and will help you in the long run.

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