Ultimate Biocap Guide

How to Get Biocaps

Event Milestones

You can stock up on biocaps by participating in the regular events and reaching the milestones. For most of the events, the last milestone will reward you with thousands of biocaps. Hitting these milestones should be fairly easy if you are saving your speedups hero gear upgrades and other items to use only during the events. Survival of the Fittest, various stages in the holiday events, and other events all reward you with biocaps for completing the milestone.


What better way to earn biocaps than letting your biocaps grow automatically for you? Using the Incubator, you can deposit biocaps to earn up to 5% back in biocaps daily. 5% may not sound like much, but starting with 1000 biocaps and growing it by 5% every day will leave you with 19,250 biocaps after 1 year!

Purchasing Bundles

Bundles are released often with great deals on biocaps. Though you can purchase biocaps directly, it’s better to wait for bundles that give you other game items as well as deals on biocaps. If you’re patient, you can find incredible deals on biocaps in even the lowest tier bundles during special events.

Using Gift Codes

Gift codes are released regularly and they often contain biocaps as rewards. Some gift codes are valid for all players who redeem them before they expire, but others only have a limited number of uses. Be sure to use the gift code as soon as you can so you can be sure to get the rewards. Check here for an updated list gift codes refreshed regularly.

Best Ways to Spend Biocaps

Settlement Buffs

Don’t overlook settlement buffs especially the Development settlement buffs. The Construction Speed buff can shave days off your building time and is worth using your biocaps to activate. The Gathering Speed buff is a great value to spend your biocaps on as well as it can double the amount of resources you gather.

Ray’s Place

Ray’s Place is one of the best values in the game to spend biocaps. In Ray’s place, you can spend biocaps for GUARANTEED legendary hero fragments. There are not any other parts of the game where you can get as many guaranteed legendary fragments for spending so few biocaps. Spend your biocaps in Ray’s Place, and get valuable fragments to rank up your legendary heroes. 

Plasma Lab

Once you’re ready to upgrade building to star levels, you’re going to have to track down as much plasma as you can, and it won’t be easy. When you have access to the Plasma Lab, you can use biocaps to acquire some discarded components. These components can be exchanged for plasma, so this is one of the best ways you can spend your biocaps.

Speeding up Research or Construction

Though it’s not generally a good idea to use your biocaps to speed up research or construction, there may be times when you just need a small push to get your research or construction to the end. These would be good situations to spend your biocaps just to finish up your construction or research, but don’t make a habit of this since you don’t want to be left with no biocaps when better opportunities to use them come around.

VIP Points

VIP levels give some of the best benefits in the game. VIP 4 increases construction speed by 10%, VIP 7 adds another troop formation slot, VIP 8 adds another march slot, and there are many other benefits to increasing your VIP level. You can use biocaps to get VIP points which increases your VIP level, and it’s well worth it to do so (200 biocaps for 100 VIP points). Once you get to a VIP level, you can never go down to lower levels, only to higher levels. The faster you increase your VIP level, the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy the added benefits. 

VIP Activation

Once you obtain a VIP level, you’ll need to activate your VIP status to keep using the benefits. It takes 10,000 biocaps to activate your VIP status for 30 days, and you should always have your VIP status active. The benefits of having VIP status, especially at higher VIP levels, are well worth the 10,000 biocaps for 30 days. You’ll also collect VIP activation rewards in your inventory (for example, 24 hour VIP activation). You can use these right away and they’ll stack on top of your current VIP activation time. 


Worst Ways to Spend Biocaps

Resource Production Labor Boost

Settlement resource production buildings output such little resources that they don’t provide much help with troop training, research, or construction. Even when you use labor boosts to increase resources output, the amount of resources you can collect is still not worthwhile. Save your biocaps from using on resource production buildings and make better use of them. 

Refilling Stamina

In the early phases of the game, when you run out of stamina, you may not have any stamina refills left and want to use biocaps to refill you stamina. Don’t. Wait for your stamina to refill naturally or until you get more stamina refills. As you continue progressing through the game, you’ll reach a point where you have more stamina refills than you can use. You don’t want to look back and regret wasting your biocaps on stamina refills!



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