Best Ray’s Place Strategy

Ray’s Place Strategy

What happens in Ray’s, stays in Ray’s

Never one to miss a business opportunity, Ray has set up shop in an abandoned casino. You have one free spin of the wheel each event. Spinning the wheel enough times can earn you awesome Spin Rewards. Total spins will accumulate throughout the event. Daily spin chances are reset at midnight (UTC). If you don’t have enough Chips, Biocaps can be used directly. Roulette Chip daily purchase limit resets at midnight (UTC).

Ray’s Place is a “spin the wheel” event every other week. It lasts 3 days, and you’re given a free spin each day (3 free spins total).


It should be a no-brainer to use your free spin each day since you can win resources, speedups, or (most importantly) fragments for new heroes. Both free to play and pay to win should use free spins each day of the event.

P2W Strategy

If you’re pay to win, this one’s easy: buy as many caps as you can and use them for spins.

F2P Strategy

The free to play strategy is a bit more nuanced for Ray’s Place spins. Your goal if you are free to play should be to get 10 hero fragments so you can locate the legendary hero. The best way to guarantee you get 10 hero fragments is to make 15 total spins over the 3 days. This is because you are guaranteed 5 hero fragments after 5 spins and 10 hero fragments after 10 spins from Spin Rewards.

Since you get 3 free spins over the duration of the event, you’ll need to spend biocaps for the additional 12 spins. There’s a bulk discount where you get 10 spins for 9 chips, so you should take advantage of that to lower the number of biocaps you spend. So, the strategy is:

  • Use the free spin each day (3 spins, 0 biocaps)
  • Spin 10 times for 9 chips (10 spins, 13500 biocaps)
  • Spin 2 more times using single chips (2 spins, 3000 biocaps)

In total, you’ll spend 16500 biocaps, but you’ll guarantee that you get the legendary hero. You’ll also end up with valuable speedups or additional hero fragments from the spins depending on your luck.


Depending on the age of your state, the legendary hero fragments you get from Ray’s Place will differ. Here are the legendary heroes featured in Ray’s Place and the order that they appear:

  1. Maddie & Frank
  2. Trish
  3. Ash
  4. Zach
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