Infected Horde

Event Introduction from State of Survival 

The Infected Horde is an Alliance event during which players can earn rewards according to their individual and Alliance point rankings.

The Alliance leader and R4 officers can activate the event. Each Alliance can challenge the Infected Horde twice every two weeks.

There will be up to 20 waves of Infected Hordes sent out from the Dev Camps towards your Alliance.

During the event, the Horde will attack all members in the Alliance.

The more waves you defend against successfully, the better rewards you will receive.

Some of the Infected Hordes are very powerful, therefore it would be wise to unite all allies together to defend against them. 

The Horde will not attack you if you fail to defend twice in the same round.

During the event you can send reinforcements to your allies. When all allies have failed twice, the challenge is over. 


  • A Peace Flare has no effect on the Infected Horde attack;
  • Participants won’t lose resources if they are defeated;
  • It will be counted as a successful defense if more than 50% of one wave is killed;
  • The 7th, 14th, and 17th waves randomly appear in the challenge;
  • In the 10th and 20th waves, all participants in the Alliance must send troops and defend the Alliance Headquarters; If the Alliance doesn’t have an Alliance Headquarters, then the 10th and 20th waves will be skipped;
  • The Alliance and members won’t receive points for waves that didn’t attack. 

Infected Horde Strategy 

There are two objectives in the Infected Horde event: 1) score as many individual points as possible; 2) score as many total points together as an alliance as possible. To do this, you’ll want to defend against as many Horde waves as you can and get your alliance through to the final wave 20. Points are earned for each defense against the Horde.

Keep all troops defending. During the 2 hour Horde event, you don’t want any troops out gather resources, rallying infected, or doing anything else except defending against the Horde. As general rule of thumb, have everyone in your alliance recall all troops to their settlements before starting the Horde. 

Check for burning settlements. In the Horde event, a settlement will burn when it fails to defend at least 50% of the the Horde’s attack during any wave. This can happen early during the event if the settlement and troops are on the weak end of your alliance, or if the troops are not currently in the settlement. Once a settlement loses two waves, the settlement will no longer be part of the event (however, the player can still use their troops to defend other settlements).

A settlement that burns and loses a wave is highly likely to lose the next wave as well since each wave becomes more difficult. Your alliance should keep an eye on the state map for any settlements that start to burn. Once this happens, stronger settlements (that have not burned), should send some reinforcements to the burning settlements to help keep them in the event for as many subsequent waves as possible. This is in the best interest of the alliance, the burning settlement, and the reinforcers since all three will receive event points for defends.

Reinforce strategically. You don’t want to send all your troops to a settlement as soon as you see it burning. If you have no troops defending your own settlement, then you’ll burn on the next wave. Rather, send as many troops as you can spare while ensuring you won’t lose the next round. Additionally, having a few players send smaller marches as reinforcements to a burning settlement can also help ensure you’re not overextending your troops.

The Horde won’t attack your settlement every wave, so on waves where you aren’t getting attacked, you can safely send all your troops to reinforce attacked targets. On waves 10 and 20, the Horde will only attack your Headquarters, so your alliance should send their highest level troops to reinforce the Headquarters. Additionally, waves 7, 14, and 17 are “randomized.” This means the Horde only attacks some settlements in your alliance, not every settlement. If you aren’t getting attacked during one of these waves, send all your troops to reinforce attacked settlements. If you are getting attacked, be sure to ask your alliance for help. See details of the wave targets below.

  • Wave 1: All settlements
  • Wave 2: All settlements
  • Wave 3: All settlements
  • Wave 4: All settlements
  • Wave 5: All settlements
  • Wave 6: All settlements
  • Wave 7: Random settlements
  • Wave 8: All settlements
  • Wave 9: All settlements
  • Wave 10: Alliance Headquarters (Plain)
  • Wave 11: All settlements
  • Wave 12: All settlements
  • Wave 13: All settlements
  • Wave 14: Random settlements
  • Wave 15: All settlements
  • Wave 16: All settlements
  • Wave 17: Random settlements
  • Wave 18: All settlements
  • Wave 19: All settlements
  • Wave 20: Alliance Headquarters (Plain)

Players whose settlements burn twice should send all their troops to reinforce settlements still in the event since they will no longer be targeted by the Horde. As more and more settlements burn in later waves, the alliance should focus on keeping the strongest settlements reinforced so the alliance has the best chance of reaching the last wave.

Generally, the alliance should focus on reinforcing weaker settlements in the earlier waves to keep them in the event longer (the more waves a settlement stays in the event the more points the settlement and alliance receives). However, as the waves get more difficult, the focus should shift on keeping the strongest settlements reinforced.

Tip #1

Ensure you have all your troops in your settlement or reinforcing other settlements when the event starts. Troops gathering resources or doing other things on the map won’t be able to help defend against the Horde.

Tip #2

Pay attention to which wave you’re on (by opening the event details). Since the Horde attacks different targets depending on the wave, it’s important to know the current wave so you know where to send your troops.

Tip #3 

Reinforce the right Headquarters. If you have multiple Headquarters, you’ll want to be sure to reinforce your Alliance Headquarters that is located in the Plain part of the map. You may need to relocate near the Headquarters or use march speedups if you’re not located near it.

Tip #4

Move your settlement back to your alliance’s hive before the event starts. You’ll want to be close to the other settlements in your alliance for the Horde event to make it easier to send and receive reinforcements. If you’re away from the hive for some reason, be sure to relocate back to the hive for the event.

Tip #5

Actively communicate with your alliance throughout the event. Keeping open communication of which settlements are burning, which settlements need reinforcements, and what wave you’re on will help your alliance do better overall. Active communication helps your alliance work together and, in the end, score more event points.

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