FAQs November 2020

Question: What does the Sustainability Alliance Tech do?

Answer: Sustainability is the last alliance technology in the Battle research tree. You can never complete research in Sustainability, and it is only an alliance technology used to continue alliance donation when your alliance has completed all other alliance tech research. By donating to Sustainability, you’ll be able to continue collecting Alliance Honor to spend in the Alliance Store. 

Question: How does Prosperity work?

Answer: Prosperity is a way of benchmarking your settlement growth and can only be increased by constructing settlement buildings. Having full prosperity gives your settlement boosts in troop training and resource production. If you neglect your settlement (by staying away from it for long periods of time), infected will attack and breech your settlement lowering your prosperity. If your prosperity reduces too low, you will be unable to start new constructions. You can increase the speed of prosperity recovery by constructing decorations. Your maximum prosperity is not increased by decorations, only your prosperity recovery rate.

If you are an active player (checking in your settlement daily or more often), you shouldn’t run into any issues of losing prosperity. One thing to note is that upgrading your headquarters requires having certain levels of prosperity, so in later HQ levels (26+), you may need to increase your prosperity by focusing on other buildings before you are able to upgrade your HQ to the next level.   

Question: How many fragments do I need to upgrade a hero?

Answer: Heroes begin at the Cadet rank, and as you use fragments to upgrade their rank, they can achieve a maximum rank of General. With each rank, there is a maximum level they can be upgraded to using combat manuals. For example, the maximum level a Captain hero can be is 40. There are 5 sub-ranks within each rank that the hero needs to be upgraded through before reaching the next rank. For example, a Cadet hero requires 2 fragments to upgrade their Cadet sub-rank, so a total of 5 x 2 = 10 before increasing from Cadet to 2nd Lt. In total, after you locate a hero, it requires 1190 fragments to fully upgrade a hero from Cade to General. See the table below for more detail.

RankHero LevelSub-rank Frags Total Frags Needed
Cadet 20 2 10
2nd Lt. 25 3 15
1st Lt. 30 5 25
Captain 40 8 40
Major 50 30 150
Lt. Colonel 60 70 350
Colonel 70 120 600
General 80 - -
- - - -
TOTAL - - 1190
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