Hunting the Hunter

Hunting the Hunter

Hunting the Hunter is a limited event that allows you to collect Travis fragments and locate Travis. To participate, kill Infected in the wilderness for a chance to collect either a Hunting Rucksack, Travis’s Hunting Log (Complete), or Travis’s Hunting Log (Incomplete). After collecting Hunter Log rewards, summon an Infected Hunter or Elite Infected Hunter by locating a log in your backpack and tapping USE. Complete Hunting Logs will summon an Elite Infected Hunter while Incomplete Hunting Logs will summon an Infected Hunter.

After you summon an Infected Hunter, you will have 90 minutes to rally with your allies to defeat the Hunter. If you fail to defeat the Hunter within the time limit, it will disappear and you will have to summon another Infected Hunter. Note: each player can only summon one Infected Hunter at a time, but once the Infected Hunter is summoned, any player from any alliance can rally it.

All players who are part of the rally that defeats the Infected Hunter will receive Travis fragments in addition to other rewards. For Infected Hunter rallies, players receive either 2 or 3 fragments. Elite Infected Hunters drop 4 to 5 Travis fragments for each player. The amount of Travis fragments received does not depend on the amount of damage players deal in the rally and every player in the rally will receive Travis fragments based on the type of Infected Hunter.

Tip #1: Because every player in the Infected Hunter rally receives Travis fragment rewards, it’s best to have as many players join the rally as possible. One strategy to maximize rewards for your alliance is to only have the rally leader send max troops while everyone who joins the rally sends 1 troop. This leaves room in the rally for more people to join. Sending 1 troop vs. sending all troops will not affect the amount of Travis fragments rewarded.

Tip #2: Since Hunting the Hunter is a limited event, a common strategy is to collect Hunter Logs during the event, and only summon the Infected Hunters after the event is over. This will allow you to maximize the use of your stamina to collect logs which you can use after the event ends. Another benefit of this strategy is that you’ll be able to collect more Rucksacks during the event. These Rucksacks can contain valuable biocaps, stamina refills, and speedups. 

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