Top Free to Play Tips

Top 5 Tips for Free to Play 

One of the best parts of State of Survival is that you don’t need to spend money to grow in the game. If you want to grow quickly, be sure to follow these top 5 F2P tips.

  1. Join an active alliance. This is by far the most important tip for all players, both F2P and not. Not only do you have more fun by interacting with other players in your alliance, you’ll be able to construct your buildings sooner, train more troops, and increase your battle power faster. You’ll also be able to collect more rewards in an active alliance. Even if your alliance only has a few spenders, every time they purchase an offer or pack, everyone in the alliance can claim a reward. This gives you more resources, speedups, and biocaps than if you are in a less active alliance.
  2. Be active. It should go without saying that the more active you are, the easier it will be to grow. In time-based games like Survival of the Fittest, you’ll want to be sure that your troops, construction slots, research centers, and training buildings are always at work. Your troops should always be gathering resources or attacking infected, you should always have an active construction in progress, you should always have something researching, and you should always be training troops. Be an active player to keep your settlement working and you’ll consistently grow. 
  3. Be patient. You’ll amass an abundance of resources and speedups in your backpack by being active in the game. As tempting as it might be to use these right away, the best approach is to wait to use them at the most strategic moment. If you use all the resource packs from your backpack right away, this will expose you to higher ranking players who may want to attack you for your resources. As long as the resources are in your backpack, they are safe from other players plundering them. Only use the resources right before you need them for an upgrade, and only use the amount of resources required. Speedups are best to use during an event like Survival of the Fittest where you earn rewards for using speedups. Save them when you get them and wait until a speedup event to maximize your rewards.
  4. Spend your stamina. Yes, you read that right. Even though the previous tips are to save your items, tip #4 is to spend your stamina. You should never let your stamina replenish all the way to 100%. Why? Because once you’re stamina reaches 100%, you won’t gain stamina again until you start using it. Instead, use the stamina to complete intel, attack infected, or rally fiends. As a rule of thumb, try to constantly spend stamina so you never fully replenish your full stamina.
  5. Complete your daily intel. Intel rewards are much more valuable than standard infected or trail missions. In addition to high amount of resource rewards, collecting the completion rewards from the intel post can give you hero fragments, troops, combat manuals, skill books, and hero badges. Your intel post refreshes 3 times a day (every 8 hours), so be sure to complete all 3 refreshes of your intel post daily. 


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