Alliance Showdown

Participation Requirements

  • Be member of an Alliance.
  • Have HQ Lv.10 or above.
  • Have at least 10 registered Alliance members.

Showdown Help

[Registration Stage]

  • Alliance members must register individually for the Alliance Showdown. Choose your lane and configure your troops when you register. 
  • Registered troops will not occupy a march slot or affect other gameplay features. Troops will not die in a Showdown battle.
  • The Alliance Tier will dictate how many troops you can assign to each lane. The most powerful troops will participate first.
  • If the Alliance participates in the Showdown, all registered members will receive rewards, even those with troops that don’t participate in the battle.
  • A minimum number of registered members is needed for the Alliance to participate. If the Alliance fails to have the required number of registrants it cannot participate. 

[Matching Stage]

  • Alliances from similar tiers will be randomly assigned to battle groups. Each group will contain a maximum of six Alliances.
  • Successfully registered Alliances cannot be disbanded until the Showdown has finished. 
  • Troops of members who leave an Alliance after entering the matching stage will remain for the event but not receive rewards.

[Preparation Stage]

  • The Showdown is a round-robin tournament. Each Alliance will have five battles, one against each of the other Alliances in the group.
  • Before each Showdown round, Alliance Leaders and R4 members can configure the troop setup in the three battle lanes.
  • Troops of individual participants cannot be changed.

[Battle Stage]

  • During the battle, Alliances fight it out in the three lanes to capture the flags.
  • Troops from each side will take it in turns to fight. The remaining troops of the winner will fight against the troops of the subsequent opponent. Each participant can only fight twice.
  • The Alliance that defeats all the opposing troops in one lane will capture the flag.
  • The Alliance that captures the most flags will win, and obtain three points.
  • If Alliances capture the same number of flags, it will result in a tie, and one point is obtained apiece.
  • An Alliance that matches with a vacant battle will directly obtain three points.

[Completion Stage]

  • Group ranking will be based on the results after five rounds of battle. Rewards are based on ranking.
  • Ranking is decided by points obtained. If two Alliances have the same number of points, ranking will be decided by the number of flags captured and the power of enemy troops killed.

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