Farm Settlement Guide

Creating a farm settlement (also called farm character or farm account) is a great way to increase the amount of resources available to you and prevent your settlement from running into resource shortages. Additionally, since there is currently no way to trade resources between settlements, having a farm settlement is the most reliable workaround to allow you to “trade” resources.

To create a farm settlement, first click on the settings from your profile screen.

From here, access your character management display.

The character management screen will show you all your current characters bound to your account. These include characters from all states where you created a character. From this screen, click on create new character

You’ll want the farm settlement to be in the same state as your main character, so search for your state and click select to create the character.

After you create your farm settlement, you can switch back and forth between settlements from the character management screen. Note: you’ll see information about your character’s name, state, chief level, and HQ level on your character management screen.

How to trade resources

Once you have a farm settlement up and growing, you can transfer resources from it to you main settlement by having your main settlement attack your farm. This means your farm can’t be in the same alliance as your main, and you’ll need to know the coordinates of your farm (or relocate the settlements close to each other). 

Empty the backpack of resources in your farm settlement to have more resources available for your main to plunder in the attack. Ideally, you’ll want to empty only enough resources that your main account needs for the upgrade, research, or whatever else you need the resources for. Having too many resources out could make you an attractive target to your enemies.

You’ll want to avoid taking any losses on your farm account, so either send all your troops out to gather resources, or hide them in the Blast Shelter. Any troops that are the Blast Shelter won’t be wounded or killed when your settlement is attacked (but they also won’t help defend your settlement). Send all your troops to the Blast Shelter, and you’re essentially opening the doors to your farm settlement for your main settlement to attack and plunder your resources. Be sure to attack your farm quickly so you don’t draw the attention of other alliances who might go after your farm’s resources.

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