Rescue Kamute Town

Guide for 1st Anniversary Event – Rescue Kamute Town from State of Survival

Kamute Town occupies a crucial location, after a catastrophic explosion in a secret biochemical lab disguised beneath the Water Plant, the town was overwhelmed by Infected.

During this crisis, all the survivors must join forces with their fellow Chiefs, and eliminate the Infected that have brought Kamute to its knees. Defeat Wallace and his followers, cut off the infection at its source, strive to create a cure with Doctor Yamazaki, and rescue the town of Kamute!

Target: Eliminate Packs of Infected and Elite Infected lurking in the Fog that pervades Kamute. Defeat Captain Wallace within 7 days.

Event Map: Survivors from all States are able to enter the Kamute Town map; no matter which State you are in, you will fight alongside other players with the same goals on the exact same map. All states and players will share the same mission progression. After you enter the map, you and other Chiefs will start from 4 Alliance Fortresses on the bottom left-hand corner of the map. 

You can only attack Infected on territory that borders territory without any Infected, and you can only attack Elite Infected on territory entirely surrounded by territories without any Infected. You must first defeat the 4 followers before you can proceed to attack Captain Wallace. The 4 followers are: Screaming Mania, Foul-tempered Mors, Big Orcus, and Overseer Primus.

Thus, players need to eliminate the Infected on the territories step by step, gradually proceeding until they reach Captain Wallace.

Combat: Within the boundaries of Kamute Town, bonuses won’t take effect (except you Hero rank, Hero skills and hero gear.)

The number of troops on each march is fixed at 3000. The level of each troop unit depends on the highest level of the corresponding unit that you can currently train in your Settlement. 

Players need to send troops to eliminate Infected Packs; when fighting the Elite Infected, players must send a Hero squad to defeat it first, then use troops to clear the Infected Pack remaining on the territories; the HP bar reflects the status of the Elite Infected.

When the Elite Infected is defeated, players will be able to explore the building that was formerly under its control and will thereby gain rewards.

Rewards and Event Shop: At the end of each battle, you will get a number of virus samples corresponding to the damage you dealt to the Infected or the Elite Infected. At the same time, when Infected and Elite Infected on a territory are cleared, you will gain resource crates on those territories.

Players are able to exchange virus samples for valuable items in Kamute Store.

Enhanced Technology: Enhanced Tech is an advanced technology research program developed by Dr. Yamazaki for the benefit of allied troops. It can only take effect in Kamute Town. After each battle, players may be offered a chance to choose from 3 Enhanced Tech Benefits. Enhanced Tech is divided into three levels of rarity: normal, epic, and legendary.

As survivors venture into the town more often, the quantity and quality of the Enhanced Tech benefits will increase.

Enhanced Tech benefits will directly improve you troop’s combat capabilities. When acquiring Enhanced Tech, players can choose the same type of benefit which will increase that benefit’s level and effect.

You can equip up to three benefits. You may gain a number of Enhanced Tech benefits, but only the ones equipped in your gear will take effect.

The normal Enhanced Tech benefits you equip will increase your Hero’s attack and health by 1% per level, the epic Enhanced Tech benefits will increase you Hero’s attack and life by 2% per level, legendary benefits will increase your Hero’s attack and life by 3% per level.

We hope this short guide will be of help to you in the your fight for Kamute Town. Kamute will always remember the names of those who came to its aid! Enjoy the 1st Anniversary events!

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