FAQs September 2020

Question: Where can I find Tactical Gear Design blueprints?

Answer: Tactical Gear Design blueprints are some of the most difficult items to find in State of Survival. Currently, there are only 2 ways to collect these items. First, by purchasing packs or crates. Secondly, by collecting Virus Samples in the Kamute Town Anniversary event and exchanging them in the Kamute Store.

Question: How can I trade resources using the trading post?

Answer: Currently, there is no way to send or trade resources with other players in your alliance using the trading post. This may a feature King’s Group releases in a future update. A way around this is to exchange resources by having one chief leave the alliance and allowing the other chief to attack the settlement to plunder resources. The chief should be sure to hide their troops to avoid wounding any in battle.

Question: How does the Hero Training Area work?

Answer: Your three highest heroes will be automatically set as the trainers in the area. At any time, you can select lower level heroes to be “trained” in the area. In rallies, attacks, or the explorer trail, these trained heroes will get a level boost–their levels will be the same level as the lowest level of the three trainers. Any heroes in the training area will not gain EXP and can’t be leveled up with EXP books. Simply remove them from training area when you want to level them up.

Question: What happens when I occupy a place on the map?

Answer: When you occupy a square or tile, you’re simply camping troops on a spot of the map. There are no benefits to occupying tiles except to save a spot for other settlements or prevent enemy settlements from relocating there. Occupied tiles prevent resources and Infected from spawning there. If an enemy settlement attacks and defeats your occupation, the tile is freed and they could relocate to the location if there is enough space.

Question: What does the Captain hero of a march mean?

Answer: The Captain is only important in rallies. In rallies, the rally leader as well as the first four joiners of the rally with have the first skill of their captain hero applied to all troops in the rally. Captains of marches after the first four joiners will not have their first skill applied to the troops in the rally.

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