Market Stall Guide

Best way to use the Market Stall 

The market stall is a great way to trade resources, load up on advanced relocators, and get speed ups. Every day at server reset, be sure to check out the new items in the Market Stall. You’ll often find speedups and relocators that you can buy with resources (and biocaps if you’d like).

You are able to refresh the market stall 3 times each day for free, and you should do so to have greater odds of relocators and speedups appearing. Additionally, it’s best to always exchange any resources you can in the market stall, mainly to refresh the option. In the below example, you should exchange the 750 gas for 3000 metal (even if you don’t need more metal).

There’s a good chance that the next item up will be a speedup or locator, which are very valuable. 3.9M food for research speedups is a great deal! Resources are very easy to get by farming, so you should use them for better items whenever possible.

The trading post currently cannot be used to trade resources with other players. This is a feature currently under development by the developers. Though the Market Stall isn’t a perfect way of exchanging resources, it is one option you can use to safely exchange one type of resource for another. Another way you can trade resources between settlements is by creating a farm settlement


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