Patch Notes v1.9.50

The following message was sent from the State of Survival team on 2020-11-03:

Greetings Survivor,

In update v1.9.50, we have fully optimized our Hero Gear System. After updating the game version to v1.9.50 or higher, players will have access to these optimizations. 

We aim to improve players’ game experience without adverse influences. That is to say:

  1. Does not reduce the attributes of existing gear
  2. Does not increase the resources needed for Hero gear in different qualities
  3. Does not increase the overall cost for full-level Hero gear.

The specific optimization instructions are as follows:

1. Removed Gear Crafting

In the original mechanism, players had to craft particular gear for each Hero separately after completing the gear research, which was very inconvenient.

Therefore, the game team removed the Gear Crafting process. Now, all Heroes suitable for the gear will equip the gear automatically when the research is done.

After updating the game to version 1.9.50 for the first time, players will receive materials consumed for the previous Hero gear crafting.

2. Removed the Requirement for Gear Set

In the original mechanism, each set of gear had some attributes, which could be obtained by equipping multiple pieces at the same time. Now, we have removed the requirement of the gear set and assigned the attributes directly to each piece of gear. Players can directly obtain some of the original suit attributes without collecting the required number of set pieces.

3. Changed Materials for Different Gear Type to One Common Material

In the original mechanism, there are 3 types of gear materials for three types of Heroes (Infantry, Rider and Hunter). This has confused many players, and some even choose the wrong materials to upgrade their gear. Now, gear for the three types of Heroes will all use common materials for equipment enhancement. Players remaining old materials will be converted into the common materials at a proportion of 1:1.

4. Improved the Display of Gear Quality

The original gear grading method (blue->purple->orange, continuously looping) caused confusion for many players. Therefore, we adjusted the gear grading system: each set of gear corresponds to a fixed quality color which will not change. When a piece of gear is strengthened, the star level of the gear will be increased. When a piece of gear reaches its full star level, it will then be promoted to the next quality color. Of course, this only optimizes the color for gear and DOES NOT change the original attributes of the gear in any way.

5. Split the Gear Grade

In the original mechanism, when players increased the gear to a certain grade, the consumption required for the further upgrading of Hero gear increased significantly, thus players had to accumulate huge amounts of materials to improve gear attributes. In response to this situation, under the premise that the total consumption for a piece of gear remains unchanged, we split the big gear grade into minor subgrades (Star Levels) to ensure that players can enhance their gear more smoothly and thereby gain attributes bit by bit.

6. Optimized Gear Display Interface

In order to match the simplified Hero gear rules and make the interface handy to understand and operate, we have also optimized the Hero gear related interface.

Please upgrade your game version to v1.9.50 or higher to experience these optimizations. We sincerely hope you like the new Hero gear system!

State of Survival Team

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