FAQs October 2020

Question: How do I set my rally captain hero?

Answer: Rally captains are the first captains in your rally marches, and are seen on the rally screen as the front-most hero (with Captain below them). It’s very important which hero you send as your rally captain as that hero’s skills can benefit everyone in the rally. To change which hero you set as the captain, first tap on the QUICK SELECT button.

This should clear all your heroes and troops from your march. Click on the + (plus) sign above the text “Please select a Hero as Captain.”

This brings you to a Select Hero screen. You’ll notice the text under the first hero says “Select Squad Leader.” The hero you assign to this hero slot will be set as the captain of your march. Below, assigning Travis to this slot will set him as hero. Set the next two heroes in the remaining hero slots then exit out of this screen and you should be all set.

Question: How do hero badges work?

Answer: Currently, there are only Chief Badges in the game, and they provide additional benefits to your army just as gear or research would. Each Chief Gear item has 3 badge slots that provide increased lethality and health benefits to your infantry, hunters, or riders. 

There are 3 tiers of badges: bronze, silver, and gold. You’ll need to enhance each badge to its second level before you are able to enhance the tier. For example, enhance bronze 1 to bronze 2 then to silver 1.

Badge enhancements require Mercenary Influence and Badge Tags which can be earned by hitting milestones in Capital Clash, acquired from Reservoir Raid store, or traded for rewards in other limited events. 

Once your state is old enough, events like Survival of the Fittest will  have tasks where you can earn points for enhancing badges. It’s best to wait until those events are active before enhancing your badges.

Question: What should I use my General Speedups on?

Answer: One the best parts of State of Survival is deciding how you want to use your general speedups. Use them on whatever you want depending on your play style: troop training, construction, or research. However, if you’re looking to maximize their use, use them only on speeding up research. Army stats are the most important part of this game. Though it is important to increase your building levels and the tier of troops you can train, at the end of the day it comes down to your stats. It is entirely possible to beat another player who has higher level troops than you if you’ve focused on upgrading the right research.

Question: Can I exchange hero fragments?

Answer: Currently, there is no way to exchange one type of hero fragment for another type. That means that once your hero reaches the rank of General, any additional fragments specific to that hero will be unusable. The good news is that hero fragments don’t show up in your backpack inventory, so you won’t see all the additional fragments you are collecting. Only generic fragments can be used by trading them for any hero fragments of the same tier you’d like (except for Lucky which can only be upgraded with Lucky fragments).

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