FAQs December 2020

Question: Will troops stay in the enlistment office until you have the duty to recruit them? Or is there a time period with which you have to accrue duty before they disappear forever?

Answer: Over time you will accrue enough duty to recruit all the troops in the enlistment office. Troops that you don’t recruit right away will stay in the enlistment office until you recruit them. Once a troop is in the enlistment office, they remain there until you recruit them, and they don’t disappear.

Question: How do I access the incubator?

Answer: The incubator is part of the research lab. Once you tap on the research lab, you’ll see an option to enter the incubator. Be sure to follow the optimal incubator strategy to make the most of your biocaps. 

Question: How do I move my base to the Headquarters?

Answer: To relocate your base to the alliance headquarters, you’ll have to use a relocator. There are 3 types that you can use depending on your specific circumstances. 

  1. Territory: “Relocate your settlement within your alliance territory. Can only be used while there’s still space in the alliance territory.” This relocator can be used to move your base near the alliance headquarters, but you will be unable to choose your exact location.
  2. Alliance: “Relocates your settlement close to your alliance leader’s.” If your alliance leader is close to your alliance headquarters, use this one to relocate close to them and the headquarters. You won’t be able to choose your exact location with this relocator.
  3. Advanced: “Relocates your settlement to a chosen location in your state.” With this relocator, you can choose a spot near your alliance headquarters to move your base to. Additionally, with the Advanced relocator, you don’t need to recall your troops to your base before relocating.

Question: If a hero reaches general level, is there any further use of their fragments?

Answer: At the time, once a hero reaches General rank, any additional hero fragments are unusable. This may change in the future.

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