Capital Clash

Capital Clash is a state-wide event every 2 weeks where alliances fight for control of the Capital. The event can last up to 12 hours total and the winner is the alliance that occupies the Capital for either 6 hours straight or for the longest amount of time after the 12 hours. The official Capital Clash description from State of Survival:

The Alliance that occupies the Capital for 6 consecutive hours, or holds the longest occupation time at the end of the event, will claim victory in the Capital Clash. Within two hours of the battle success, the victorious Alliance Leader can appoint the Governor. If no Governor is appointed, the Alliance Leader will be made Governor by default. Occupying the Towers can help in the attack against the Capital. The longer the Tower is occupied, the faster the frequency of attacks. The Capital can be challenged for every two weeks.


In the hours and days leading up to the Capital Clash event, you’ll want to relocate as close to the Capital as possible. Troop marches in the zone around the Capital are significantly slower than normal, so getting as close as you can to the Capital makes a big difference. A march distance that may have originally taken 1 minute could take 10 minutes in the Old Town zone surrounding the Capital.

Because of the slow march times, you’ll want to cluster your alliance close together as well. Though you could have your alliance surround the capital on all sides, you would be at a disadvantage  when rallying the Capital and Capital Towers since march times would prevent alliance members on the far side of the Capital from reaching your rally in time.

In general, when planning your alliance relocation to the Capital, first keep your alliance as close together as possible, then focus on clustering close to 1 or 2 Capital Towers. Ideally, you’ll have your top rally leaders in the closest positions to the Capital Towers and main Capital to keep the march time of rallies to the targets as short as possible.


Your specific strategy will change depending on how strong your alliance is compared to other alliances in your state, but the general strategy should be to:

  1. Rally the Capital and continuously reinforce with troops if you occupy it
  2. Rally Capital Towers and continuously reinforce with troops when you occupy them

If you are in one of the strongest alliances in your State, focus on occupying and reinforcing the Capital. If you are an alliance that has no chance of taking the Capital from one of the stronger alliances, only focus on taking a Capital Tower. Capital Towers deal damage to the Capital, and the longer you occupy the tower, the more frequently it fires on the Capital. The Towers start by firing on the Capital every 5 minutes, and if you occupy a Tower long enough, they will end up firing every 1 minute.

If you are in an alliance that has no chance of taking the Capital on a Tower, it is still worthwhile to send solo attacks or rallies at the Capital and towers to earn points. You obtain points by:

  • Killing/Wounding enemy troops while fighting in the Capital and Tower.
  • Occupying the Capital/Tower. The higher the troop power, the more points obtained.
  • Having troops wounded or killed.

Even if you are one of the weaker alliances in your state, the rewards are worth earning points by sending rallies that you know will lose.


You’ll begin to earn milestone rewards with as little as 180,000 points. However, the valuable Badge Tags and Mercenary Influence rewards will require over 6,790,000 points. By being active with sending rallies or reinforcements to the Capital building, you’ll be able get the maximum milestone rewards without much trouble.

Wounded Troops

Battles in Capital Clash won’t kill troops unless your hospital is full.  Regardless if you are attacking or defending the Capital or Towers, you will only wound troops. Keep an eye on your hospital because it will fill up quickly during the event. Use the Batch Healing Trick to heal your troops without using speedups. If you see your hospital is about to reach full capacity, remove all reinforcing troops from the Capital and Towers focus on healing your wounded troops before participating in the Capital Clash again. 

Though you won’t lose troops in Capital Clash if you watch your hospital, you can still lose troops by attacking any of the settlements surrounding the Capital. These battles work exactly the same as they would if you weren’t in the Capital Clash event. 


Only 1 alliance can win the Capital Clash, and the winning alliance appoints a Governor of the state who has certain abilities and perks. To win the event, your alliance will either need to occupy the Capital for 6 hours straight, or be the alliance to occupy the Capital for the longest time at the end of the 12 hour event.

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